Bringing Death and Dying to the Dinner Table

  • Bringing Death and Dying Dinner
    August 7, 2016
    6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Bringing Death & Dying to the Dinner Table
Life is short… be swift to love, make haste to be kind.
~ Henri Amiel


Sunday August 7th @ 6:00pm Private Home in Venice, CA.
Space at the table is limited to 11 guests. 
Facilitated by Laurel Lewis, BSN, RN, MA
This dinner will be a potluck plus a $30 donation. 


This special dinner is a place for people to share their ideas, concerns, and questions in an environment of support, creativity, and openness about death and dying. As we become more familiar with our own ideas about this subject the natural by product is the integration of death being a natural part of life, thus allowing us to live more fully and more empowered in the present moment. This conversation is ultimately living fully now.

This conversation could very well open you to more living!


See video below
Death & Dying Dinner 30 Days of Intent – Deepak Chopra
 Deepak Chopra
The intention for the night is to participate in rich, meaningful, uncensored, organic, and inspiring conversation which is, in any way, related to the topics of death and dying.  You are welcome to share and you are not required to do so.  There are only a few guidelines for the night.
    • Please don’t talk over, or interrupt anyone’s sharing.
    • Please don’t give advice.
    • Please know that although the night may be therapeutic, the intention is simply to come together and share in a creative, explorative conversation. The sharing is not intended to be therapeutic, and yet, that may be a wonderful side effect.
Laurel Lewis
Laurel Lewis, BSN, RN, MA
Coach, Consultant, Transition Specialist.


Originally from the Southern state of Mississippi, Laurel received a BS degree in nursing in 1994.  She was married and widowed all by the age of 27, which radically shifted her path and her perspective on life and death.  Since then she has been on a spiritual quest learning how to integrate complicated end of life issues into daily grace and full living. Along the way she is being of deep service to others whether through her RN training, private coaching, yoga, or creating workshops and wellness retreats around the world.
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