Concentration Workshop

Date:  Sunday September 20
Time:  9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Location: Well Baby Center 12316 Venice Blvd, Mar Vista CA 90066
Registration – RSVP Below: Offered Freely. Donations Accepted.


We try to stay in the present moment, but our world is filled with distractions scattering our attention. We know how fulfilling it can be to give a task or a person our undivided attention, but we can’t seem to do it as often as we’d like. And when we sit down to meditate, we just can’t sit still!

In our chaotic world, being present starts with concentration: the ability to focus the mind. Well cultivated, concentration is a powerful source of happiness and peace. It’s relaxing, it’s empowering, and it can feel really good!

Join us for a half day of developing this skill. Through discussions, guided meditations, recordings, and one-on-one guidance after the workshop, you will learn concentration techniques to stabilize your mind. 

If you have an ongoing mindfulness practice, honing your concentration will support your practice.  Concentration is also a perfect place to start for first-time meditators, and beginners are welcome.

All levels of experience are welcome. Class recordings will be available.

Instructor: Jason Ryterband


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