Compassion Training

Mindful Self-Compassion

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) is an empirically-supported, 8-week, training program designed to cultivate the skill of self-compassion. MSC teaches core principles and practices that enable participants to respond to difficult moments in their lives with kindness, care and understanding. Read more and see upcoming MSC classes.

Compassion Cultivation Training

Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) is an 8-week educational program designed to help you improve your resilience and feel more connected to others—ultimately providing an overall sense of well-being. CCT integrates contemplative traditions with modern psychology, neuroscience and scholarly studies on compassion training. Read more and see upcoming CCT classes.

Emotional Resiliency Training

We are hard-wired for connection. The problem is that often our fear, self-doubt, judgment, shame and other emotional obstacles get in the way of our ability to live in intimate connection, with ourselves and others. This Emotional Resiliency Training is an 8-week course based on the research of Brené Brown, Ph.D. (see her TED Talk here) which asks the questions: How do we engage in our lives from a place of authenticity and worthiness? Read more and see upcoming classes.

Self-Compassion for Parents

Self-Compassion for Parents is an introductory 6-week course teaching parents and caretakers the art (and some science) of being more present with themselves with kindness and compassion.. and thus, with their kids too. Class activities include guided meditations, short talks, experiential exercises, group discussions, and home practices. All material is geared to be immediately integrated. Read more a see upcoming classes.